How it all started

Many years ago while at the River Oaks Barber Shop in Houston, TX, there was among my clients a new mother who happened to be a busy physician. Her responsibilities as a wife, doctor and those of a new mother kept my client on an extremely tight schedule which frequently necessitated her cancelling appointments even though she looked forward to her manicures and pedicures as a much-needed “retreat” from her busy life and schedule.

Then one day when she called to cancel an appointment, she asked if I would consider coming to her house after I left the shop to give her a manicure and pedicure. I thought, “Why not? What have I got to lose?” I obliged. Since my client and I both enjoyed this arrangement, I continued accommodating her at her house. After several weeks had gone by, she decided to have a manicure/pedicure party at her house for her female friends. This turned into an unexpected God send for me since one of the ladies in attendance asked me if the doctor had talked me into coming to her house could she talk me into going to the retirement center where her grandmother lived to provide her grandmother with my services. When I arrived at the retirement center, I was pleasantly surprised to find her grandmother as well as seven other grandmothers waiting for me to arrive. The administrator of the retirement center was pleased to learn that I was there and asked if I would come on a regular basis to accommodate all the residents. To this day I’m still there.

The Nail Mobile, LLC was born in 1995. Since that time The Nail Mobile, LLC has grown to include many clients of all ages and circumstances but especially those who those who are geriatrics, both living in retirement centers and those living in their own homes. Other individuals are seen in organizations that support activities for seniors in the community. Younger clients include those men and women who are on-the-go professionals with little time for demanding well-groomed look that becomes the professional person in today’s business world. But The Nail Mobile, LLC Inc. readily solves the problem by coming to you to save you valuable time and money since business man and women know that time is money.

So when your growing toe nails need a “hair cut” to keep your tired feet walking properly or your finger nails need to “shape up” for that “well-groomed look, simply call The Nail Mobile, LLC Inc. See you soon!

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