What is a Medical Pedicures and What Are Their Benefits

The popularity of medical pedicures is surging fast amid its vast benefits. Many people in Houston Texas and all over the globe opt for a medical pedicures instead of just the regular pedicures. If you are assuming that medical pedicures includes the usual polish color or designing, you are incorrect. Medical pedicures emphasizes on boosting the health of your foot and nails. Many people suffer from calluses, bunion, toe related infection, and corns. These issues require detailed care of the foot. Nail and medical pedicures aim to provide the same. When you opt for medical pedicures, you can rest assured about all your foot woes. Medical pedicures follows the rule of a greater level of sanitation and constant innovation for best results. Even you can find Mobile manicurist professionals who can visit your place to serve you with a medical pedicures.

Given below are some of the benefits of medical pedicures:

1. You Get Professional Care by Licensed Specialists

The skilled foot care specialists offering medical pedicures can operate only after obtaining a special license. They are trustworthy and offer their professional services to eliminate all your foot-related issues. If you are suffering from severe issues in your nails and foot, you can trust them. One such reputable and trustworthy medical pedicures service provider in Houston Texas is the Nail Mobile. They get intensive training to deal with these issues. They meet their goal of healthy feet of their customers who do not even require any polish. So book a home visit of the Nail Mobile today and say bye-bye to all your foot and nail related issues.

2. Non-Invasive Procedure

The biggest benefit of a medical pedicures is that it is a non-invasive procedure and dry process. The foot care specialist offers you podiatry in combination with nail care. The process is so safe and hygienic, that it can address maximum foot and nail woes. And, you get the services in a private setting which helps in boosting customers’ relaxation and safety. Medical pedicures follows the strongest level of sanitation procedure. Professional offering medical procedure aims to maintain clean surroundings which will prevent further spread of germs and fungus.

3. Tackle Several Foot Issues

Medical pedicures promote overall foot and toenails issues. In comparison to a regular medical procedure, medical pedicures offers care to hardened foot skin and unclean nails. It has emerged as the advance process of dealing with myriad foot and nails issues. The procedure can diagnose all foot and nails problems with great ease. With the diagnosis of the problem, it becomes easier to tackle it.

4. Use of Sanitized Equipment

The trained mobile manicurist experts aim to use sanitized tool and equipment and follow great hygienic measures. So you can expect that your problem will get an effective solution. The utmost hygiene standards will not only keep your foot and nail safe but eradicate the problem from the root.

5. Bring Down Stress Level

The current lifestyle creates severe pressure on people. Stress has now become a common issue not only in Houston Texas but all over the globe. Many health experts blame the present lifestyle for the rise in stress-related issues. Peer pressure, surging competition, fast life, and several other factors are responsible behind it. There is a ray of hope. You can nip stress in the bud with the services of medical pedicures. The main aim of the medical pedicures provided by the Nail Mobile is not to cure stress. However, experts claim that medical pedicures can become a great stress buster. You can keep your mental stress at bay and enjoy the pampering offered by the Mobile manicurist professionals at your home. And, by the time your session with the medical pedicures professionals end, you end up feeling fresh, calm, relaxed and happier. When your foot and nails are free from corns, toenail infections, callosities, etc., you will feel happier and relaxed. So make sure you go book a mobile manicurist at the Nail Mobile who will come to your place and will treat your foot and nail and bring down your stress.

6. Enhance the Beauty of Your Leg

Medical pedicures emphasizes on dead skin removal of your foot. It also includes a moisturizing treatment. The combination of medical pedicures with moisturizing treatment can go a long way in tackling several foot-related issues. It will treat calluses, cracked feet, and several other issues with great ease. You will get a smooth and beautiful foot in the end. Many people find it hard to wear the kind of slippers they desire due to cracked feet. They end up wearing something unappealing which can hide their cracked feet and does not deteriorate the problem any further. But, medical pedicures focuses on all issues related to your foot and nail which enhances your foot’s beauty. With the effective handling of the problem, you can also flaunt any footwear you desire.

7. Healthy and Infection-Free Toenails and Feet

The main motive of a medical pedicures professional is to give infection-free and healthy toenail and foot. The professionals maintain your nails at the appropriate length. They shape them to perfection. They polish the nails according to the right parameters. Ingrown nails are also a big issue and the professional give adequate care to it. At times, your nails grow from the corners into the nearby skin. And, the nails also accumulate dust and germs which can cause severe infection. You may face immense pain while walking due to this problem. The professionals offering medical pedicures services trim the nails from the corners and remove the dirt and germs.

8. Tackle Foot Odor

Many people face another grave issue called foot odor. This is such a situation where in the foot produces an unbearable smell. Many people do not take off their shoes and socks out of the fear that it can cause huge embarrassment. There are situations when one has to remove shoes and the smell that spreads becomes intolerable for people sitting nearby. The problem may make people avoid you from inviting to their functions and parties. If you are also grappling with his issue, worry no more. Sometimes bacteria and germs may cause the foot to produce strong stink. The experts use innovative techniques which seek to eliminate your foot odor and other woes with great ease. So, remove all your fear caused by foot odor by opting for medical pedicures once in a while.

9. Early Detection of Severe Issues

Medical pedicures has become a reliable method to spot the problem in the initial stage. It helps in spreading it further and turning it into a big issue which may require intensive medical care. The expert pedicurists have adequate training which can enable them in diagnosing early signs of bunions, fungal infections, or corn. These issues can be cured with ease only if the diagnoses take place in the earlier stage. The professional can effectively stop their further spread by eliminating it from the root cause. The experts aim to offer optimum satisfaction to their customers and you get a stress free mind in the end.

10. Maintain Your Skin Moisture

The professionals offer you vast services which may include soaking your feet in lukewarm water. The procedure is followed by an effective massage with top quality lotions and oils. It helps in preserving moisture level and integrity of one of the most exposed parts of your body. The foot bears the maximum brunt of constantly changing weather and adequate care only keeps it healthy. Winters prove to be the harshest weather for the foot. In this season, you often get cracked foot which lacks moisture. You may require frequent visits to the professionals offering medical pedicures for better care of your feet. When foot gets a good amount of moisture, you will less likely to get cracked feet, blisters, sores, etc. Some people also get huge cracks in winters which may end up bleeding. It is also crucial to keep cuticles moisturized for prevention of nail from growing out with ridges or split ends. Medical pedicures can resolve these and many other issues with ease.

11. Boost Blood Circulation

The best part of medical pedicures is that it can boost your blood circulation. When you get the message by a mobile manicurist, it improves blood circulation. Better blood circulation can tackle tension in the feet and calves. Your feet will feel healthier and experience less pain. An effective massage also helps in distributing heat throughout the body.

12. Relaxed Body and Mind

An effective medical pedicures will give you a better state of mind which feels at ease. The procedure aims to relieve your stress so it is therapeutic in nature. According to a recent study, massage can bring down your tension and stiffness from the body. Your well-being will also get significant improvement. At the Nail Mobile, when we compare the feet with the rest of the body parts, we notice that they get the least care. Healthy feet are of paramount importance as your entire body depends on them. If you have sores or cracks on your feet, you will not be able to walk with ease. So make sure you do not neglect medical pedicures and get the services of these professionals as per your requirement.

13. You Get Personal Attention

The medical pedicures services at the Nail Mobile are offered by trained Mobile manicurist technician under the supervision of a doctor. They get intensive training to identify the top podiatric diagnoses. Most of the time people overlook and ignore fungus, warts or ingrown toenails. The issue may become grave if proper attention is not given. Medical pedicures experts offer services like diamond filing, glycolic peel, foot massage, nail border evacuation, callous buffing and removal, etc. They give minute details to all minor or major issues so that they can address it with deep care.

14. Callus-Free Feet

Doctors suggest to get a medical pedicures once in every 30 days which will include polish changes in between. The procedure takes place either at the office or spa so that the environment does not face any contamination. However, you can book a Mobile manicurist easily in Houston Texas to get a medical pedicures at the comfort of your home. The goal of a medical pedicures professional is to give baby soft and callus free feet to customers. It will also give you a supple texture. Your polishes toes will look far more immaculate.

15. Hygienic

You may find many salons in Houston Texas which only focus on increasing business to stay in the business. They may end up compromising the quality of the services they offer to their customers. It also means quicker client turnover and minimum attention to hygiene standards. They may pay less attention to the sterilization of their instruments and foot bathing. Due to this, foot fungus like tinea pedis and onychomycosis have become serious issues among people. The aim of the Nail Mobile is to take care of all these issues. Our Mobile manicurist professionals will never compromise on quality and hygiene. We seek to offer top quality services to our clients by sanitizing the equipment with proper care.

Maintaining the highest level of hygiene standards is one of our major goals. It will prevent the further spread of the problem. An ideal salon in Houston Texas will offer jetless foot baths and sterile surgical instruments. These instruments should be thrown away after a single-use.

16. Supports Chiropody

When you undergo a regular medical pedicures it will help in supporting chiropody. If you suffer from any foot-related issues, medical pedicures can effectively tackle them all. It will also prevent you from taking further treatment by curing the problem in its initial stage. The procedure is effective in improving your posture to a greater extent. You will be able to walk with more comfort when you get regular care for your feet. It has immense power to soothe and relax your feet when combined with popular treatments. When you walk free from any hassle, it will help in boosting your confidence level as well. The pedicures will last between 40 minutes to 80 minutes. The duration of the process will depend on the technique that the professionals decide to use for your feet.


The popularity of medical pedicures is rising in Houston Texas at a fast pace. It can easily address a vast number of issues that your feet suffer from. The fast lifestyle has made it tough to give personal care to your feet after every tiring day from your office. So, obtain the services of Mobile manicurist professionals at the Nail Mobile to cure the problem from the root. If you fail to give timely attention to your feet issues, they may take the shape of a bigger problem. So book a home visit by an expert mobile manicurist from the Nail Mobile today and eliminate all your foot and toenail related issues.

How Often Should I Get a Manicure & Pedicure?

Manicure and pedicure are two of the most popular ways to take care of your hands and feet. Most women go to nail salon to give themselves manicure and pedicure not only to create beauty or design but also to improve the state of their hands, feet and nail plates.

So, how often should you really get a manicure and pedicure? The answer will depend on several key factors. Some of these include the condition of your nails, how fast can they grow and what are your daily activities? You can get your manicure to be done anywhere from one up to four times a month. But on average, a manicure takes two to three weeks while a pedicure takes at least once a month. If you opt to get your nails done by a skillful aesthetician, you are recommended to visit a spa salon once every ten days. During this time period, your nails will grow a little and your skin starts to get dry and varnish.


Your lifestyle

The amount of TLC your precious nails need depends on your daily routine. For instance, if your daily activities include watching TV all day, then you have a very different nail care need compared to an avid mountaineer.

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself to determine how often you should get your manicure and pedicure done include:

  • Do you often cook dinner or always order take-outs?
  • Do you type all day? Do you play a sport?
  • Do you play beach volleyball or just prefer to binge watch your favorite series?
  • Do you have bad nail habits such as biting or skin picking?


Your Nail Preference

Another thing to take into consideration when getting your manicure and pedicure is how trendy you are. This refers to the nail shape that you’ll most likely to have each time you go to the salon. Do you like your nails short or long? Are you interested in wearing a geometric manicure or you’re the type who likes short and sweet nails? Consider these things to know how often you should you really get your manicure and pedicure done.


Breaking it Down

  • Once a Week

If you’re the type who constantly live an active lifestyle, you love to cook and always on the go, then the best advice for you is to go visit the salon once a week for your manicure and pedicure. Having a very active lifestyle means your nails might also taking the brunt of it. Also, do not forget to apply a cuticle oil in-between your visits.

  • Once Every Two Weeks

If you’re the type who would rather lay your bod on the beach than play on it, then might as well get your manicure and pedicure done once every two weeks. If you’re the type who enjoys outdoor activities and eat out at that new restaurant you just discovered, then you might also enjoy relaxing at your favorite nail salon to destress in this busy world.

  • Once a month

If you’ve got pretty low maintenance when it comes to your nails and you feel like you’re comfortable just doing it at home, then a once a month manicure and pedicure will do the trick for you.  Be careful though, when doing this at home. A simple cut could greatly damage your nails and skin. When doing your manicure and pedicure all by yourself, consider the following advice:

  • Apply cream to moisturize the nails. Do so after removing nail polish. It will help remove the chemicals that dry your nails.
  • Do not forcefully push back or cut your cuticles. If you want to do it, gently do so after your shower or bath.
  • If you want to wear orange or bright red nail polish, apply an extra layer of base coat to prevent nail discoloration. If you don’t do so, your nails might become yellowed or discolored from the polish and will only return to its normal color a few weeks if the same color isn’t reapplied.
  • Make sure your tools and footbaths are thoroughly cleaned before you use them. If not, they could harbor bacteria and fungus.
  • Avoid wearing artificial nails just to cover up any nail problems. It will only make them worse, especially if you are prone to brittle nails or fungal infections.
  • Know what products are good for you. Some nail polish and other nail products contain chemicals that cause an allergic reaction. If you acquired an allergic reaction, consult your doctor immediately.

How often do you visit your nail salon or do your DIY mani and pedi TLC at home? Share your nail care routine by writing in the comment box.