Medical Grade Pedicures are essentially in the removal of hard skin. Pedicures sustain healthy nails for a longer period of time. It is important to maintain high hygiene when you deal with the foot nails to prevent fungal infections.

Essential Pedicure– This process requires the soaking of your feet in water for some time. During this time your feet are made to relax, a specialist may assist to massage the feet. This clears off excessive skin from the feet and legs.

Spa Pedicure– Starts with an essential pedicure followed by hydrating a foot mask by  use of  a lotion to soften the foot , finally a massage is carried out for a period of 50 minutes.

 Reflexology Pedicure– Soak the feet in warm water, a complementally massage is in order to relax the feet; the method is an ancient Chinese custom that emphasizes that the body is much connected to the bottom of the feet, hands and earlobes. There is a reflexology session done after the essential pedicure is done of the nails and feet. The process ensures a relaxation and revitalized sensation at all time

Pamper Me Massage Pedicure– This is a spa pedicure plus foot and leg massage followed by a paraffin dip to lock the moisture giving a soft skin for a couple of 60 minutes period.

Diabetic Pedicure– This type of pedicure is designed to meet the needs of diabetic patients. The disease tends to have many infections on a patient which proves difficult in terms of treatment admission. However through diabetic pedicure fewer instruments are used to prevent the damage of the skin.

The pedicure process prompts the skin to have a soft touch due to usage of a hydrating lotion and a foot mask. Most times a diabetic patient experience’s the tendency of dry skin; the process helps to maintain the skin health. One suffering from diabetic might not want to miss.

Chemotherapy Pedicure– This process helps to reduce the risk of high infections and also maintains a good foot health. The application of tea tree oil is essential in preventing fungal infections. Doctors always do advice patients to have short nails to avoid  the contamination of germs.

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