Diabetic Pedicures and Manicures

Diabetic Pedicures and Manicures
Diabetic clients need a special care when it comes to nail treatment proper precaution is compulsory for nail technician. Manicure and pedicure processes take into consideration the following;
Susceptibility to infection- The skin at this point is very sensitive any cause of action can lead to a serious infection. One should consider the kind of spa to attend if they take surgical sterilizing seriously has this will prevent any illness to the skin. Clients should receive pedicure tubs that are disposable the nail kit should all times be personal which ensures that there is no contamination of any kind.
Peripheral Neuropathy- Diabetic patient have no sensitivity of the feet and legs in most common cases spa technicians should be careful with water and towels temperatures. Most services are offered with no use of hot towels to clients.
Thinning of the skin- A lot of care is taken when performing a skin massage which might appear to thin. The service provider has to confirm that there no open wounds and cuts since a pedicure cannot be done with any open sores. In the case of a noticeable wound, the person is advised to seek further medical treatment with an immediate effect.
Take into consideration your diabetic condition before rushing to have a manure and pedicure done on the legs and hands. This will ensure no complication cases result from any services that go bad especially if you are not sure of the spa you are attending for the first time. Referrals help most people to confirm about the best spa to seek the services. Always inform the spa attendant that you are a diabetic patient so to take good care while carrying out the process.
High maintenance is required for the nail you have to often file and trim them to prevent foot infection due to ingrown toenails. Take caution if you have a not well-controlled blood sugar when trimming nails. Your nails should also not be too short since soft tissues can be cut off which automatically opens the door to more infections.
The best people to provide services concerns to trimming nails include podiatrists doctors professionally trained for both for treatment and care. Learn to use a pumice stone or preferably sanding surface when removing dead skin from heels avoid at all cost metallic scrapers just be gentile with the whole process.
Do not cut or use liquid callus if you have calluses and corns on your feet inform the technician to be gentile while rubbing or smoothing the feet. The water should be ninety to ninety five fit avoiding too hot water while soaking the feet this will be facilitated by the technician since you are not able to feel changes temperatures.
The technician should trim nails by the use of clippers smooth them with a emery board. Cleanness is one item that you should pay close attention to when visiting any salon or spa. Your toenails should never be cut cross to the corners has this is may cause the growth of ingrown toenails and infections. You have to give the necessary precautions that the staff needs to take before carrying on the pedicure and manure on the nails. This communication will enable the technician to understand the kind of case that he/she is handling at the moment.

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