Cuticle protection- The most important thing to take down is to properly care for your cuticles. After manicures kindly learn how to take care of them, it only takes few steps to carry out the work. Cuticles are part of the skin they are on the nail’s growth matrix which actually includes the potential for nails’ grow.

They are essential for protecting the nail matrix. One step to follow is always to avoid cutting your cuticles as this would lead to opening doors to various infections and irritation. What happens after you open the cuticle is that the skin is left open thus the space is wide open and infections can easily penetrate the cuticles.

The cutting of cuticle – can also lead to nail problems such as white sports, white lines and ridges. In case one contaminates an infection, it hinders the growth of the fingernail which most of the time becomes uncomfortable to handle in most cases.

One trick that always works in making your nails longer is to push cuticles back gently with the help of an orange wooden stick this will stimulate the potential growth on the nails. Cuticles are normally soft they do not need much of cutting as this will lead to a fracture and splitting off

One smart move is to switch from cuticle clippers to an orange stick; this gives the nails a good growth. Many individuals cut their cuticles and often worry that this will enhance the growth which will thus give their hands an unsightly look. While you need not to worry because none of this is true the cuticles does not extend the growth limits.

Moisture the cuticle- It very important to always moisture the cuticle this will enhance the growth and development of the fingernails. Cuticles are venerable to cracks, flakes and peeling off to prevent this you need to frequently apply a skin moisturizer.

Doctors always advise to use thick moisturizers such as creams and ointments to achieve the best results. The best moisturizers include a petroleum jelly (Vaseline) to take care of the cuticles. This product is easily available in shops at an affordable rate.

Ointments – are quite hard in use during the day it’s preferred to be applied at night when going to sleep unlike lotions which can be used thought the day with no much disturbance since the hands will handily get greasy. The most preferred moistures are creams and ointments.

Moisturizing the cuticles requires a visit to the salon for a hot waxing treatment. The first step heating the wax until it melts, you are to dip the hands in the warm wax solution, put on plastic gloves and a mitt to contain the heat this will take roughly ten to fifteen minutes of your time.

The process will ensure your cuticles and nails remain soft. Kindly make sure to always treat your nails and cuticles in a waxing treatment. Avoid rough manicurists that cause infections on the cuticles due to the over vigorous manicure done on the nails.


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