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Trim nails – It is very important to always keep your nails short to avoid much tear or being caught with different things around the homestead. Your toenails should be short since the much occupation around the house requires one to wear open shoes to wash and clean surfaces.

When cutting the toenails make sure you seize up the nails in a straight line. The nails will present a good organized look. Ill-fitting shoes and boats results to ingrown nails which can be prevented through wearing shoes that are of the right size. After a day’s work remember to massage your feet.

A perfect diet– The problem of fragile nails is as a result of inappropriate dieting the foodstuffs one takes determines the kind of nails one possesses. A well balanced diet contributes much in the growth of strong nails. Lots of fruits, water, vegetables and whole grain products enrich the body enhance assist in the growth of healthy nails.

Treating broken nails – some of the remedies recommended requires the use of lemon juice to repair the damaged nails. The process is quite simple you need some warm water, squeeze the lemon juice , dip  hands in the solution for some 30 minutes  after that remove the nails ,dry the hands and apply a moisturizer to soften the nails. You can also use the lemon juice to massage the nails.

Avoid the use of unclean materials– when cleaning your nails always use a nail brush that is disinfected to help prevent germs in nails. Avoid sharing nail brushes and if you have sweaty feet remember to always change the pair of socks on daily bases.

Preventing fungus infections – They are two solutions to prevent fungus infection by use of a tea-tree oil solution. The medicine is applied after a bath every morning and evening when going to bed. The second one is the use of antifungal power; sprinkle the substance into your socks every morning. This will clear off all the fungus germs from the nails.

One good preventive measure is to forgo the use of fake nails. This will help in preventing fungus infections on nails. Fake nails act has a good ground for fungus bacteria. As much as one likes to have long beautiful nails go for just the normal natural nails all the time.

Moisturizing nails– The best solution to moisturize nails include the use of  olive and coconut oil. To promote growth in nails you need to often moisturize your nail as often as possible, especially when going to sleep. This helps to nourish the nails maintaining a good health standard for the nails. Olive oil contains vitamin E which improves the blood circulation repairing the damaged nails.

Check with the doctor– some of the badly damaged nails requires’ the attention of a medical professional as the condition of the nails is quite critical. When nails start cutting off and  are infected visit a qualified doctor who will offer the best medical for the nail problem, do not ignore nail problems since they lead to damage of tissues in the feet and hands

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